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"I can't believe how quickly you turned our little house into the most amazing show home. Thank you, we've already had so much positive feedback and it feels so much bigger. We have accepted a great offer so expect a call when we've moved as we want more of your magic in our new place!"
Mr & Mrs Fox, Cambridge

Property Doctor

Are you thinking of selling your home or struggling to get the offer you want?

K3 Interior Design can quickly and cost effectively help you show your house off at its best. Getting it to appeal to the widest possible market means it will sell faster and for the right price...but knowing where to start or where to spend the money wisely isn't always obvious. So what would it be like to get professional independent advice to make sure your home sells or rents for the maximum price with the minimum outlay?

You can't change the location of your home but you can make the best of its layout, space, décor and curb appeal. First impressions really do count and potential buyers make their minds up within seconds of walking into your home. Don't be knocked down on the price. Call us now and let us prepare your house to sell or rent faster - for even more money.

Each home is individual and personal to its owner. Our goal is for us to help you analyse what action needs to be done to make it appeal to a wider audience, to sell for the highest price and faster. Our services break down into stages so that you can stop at any point and take over yourself, if you prefer.

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